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  • 26, 2018 BLOG

    The plants of nature can do miracles for our health and wellbeing. COOHÉs founder Ai Fang Hansen understood this from early childhood, growing up as a little girl in China. In her family, natural herbs was a significant part of everyday life, used for cooking and as nature’s own remedy for wellbeing and skin care. Ai’s mother taught her to understand and appreciate the power of the herbs, and throughout life, Ai has continued to build on the insight and inspiration she gained as a child. Her knowledge should prove very valuable when she decided to move from China to the small country of Denmark in Northern Europe......

  • 26, 2018 BLOG

    Why are sheet masks so popular? Originating in Asia, sheet mask have long been an essential in Asian beauty routines, and it is now becoming more popular in Western. Moving beyond basic hydrating benefits, sheet masks and patches are now designed for each part of the body to target every possible need and to be used on the most specific skin issues. Sheet masks are a great go-to solution when you need a quick fix after a tiring day,or when you have an important event coming up. it is convenient to use, highly effective and affordable cost.

  • 23, 2018 BLOG

    As a child, I was inspired by my mother, a true herbs advocate who taught me a great deal about natural herbal medicine. Our family used herbs for medicine, in cooking, and to make our own herbal remedies. Today, herbs, recognized as healing plants, are still playing an important role as original medicine for most of the Chinese families. The tradition has been passed down from generation to generation and the understanding of how to use herbal plants for remedies has accumulated into a traditional knowledge of health care........

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